Sizing Guide

As a general rule a good fit would be half of your body height in inches. Example: If you are 5'8" tall that equals 68", so a 34" Clam Vac would be a good fit for you.

Kids version or anyone under 5' tall, the 30" model is for you

If your height is 5' - 5'4",  a 32" model would be a good fit

If your height is 5'5" - 5'10",  a 34" model wouldbe a good fit

If you are 5'10"  and over,  a 36" model would be a good fit                                                                                                                                         These are basic guidelines and they can overlap. 

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Contact us

When ordering, click the add to cart buttons for the size(s) you wish to purchase. Towards the bottom of the PayPal page there is a note to seller feature. Click on the blue add button and please indicate size and color choice in this area. If you have trouble with this feature, just send a follow up message below.

      Ordering Info

Clam Vac's are currently available in 30",  32" , 34", and 36"  heights.  Heights are measured at the top of the handle. Standard color choices include , Hunter Green, Meadow Green,  Brilliant Blue,  Apple Red,  Sun Yellow, Candy Pink, Purple, and Grape. Other colors are available, except black. If you would like another color that is not listed, feel free to inquire if it is available. Custom paint requires a 14 day lead time from ordering to delivery. 

The Clam Vac is reasonably priced at $70.00 for the 30"  Kids model,  84.00 for the 32" & 34", and 90.00 for the 36" model. The price point is more than 35% less than a similar clam gun, and weighs 30% less.   Shipping is flat rate of 24.00 (our actual shipping costs are approx. 32.00) to shipments in Oregon and Washington via FedEx.  Shipments to all other states can ship via USPS or FedEx dependent upon which rate is lowest. Email us for a rate quote to destinations outside of Oregon and Washington. Shipments to Alaska are shipped via USPS. International shipments are also shipped via USPS. Send an email for a rate quote for these destinations.  They can also be purchased directly from us on the beach when we are out there.  Like us on Facebook at Clam Vac for updates when and where you can find us on the beach.

 When placing an order or inquiry, please include as much info as possible including size and color selection.

                        Happy Clamming!